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July 2014 Archives

Law Enforcement - Texas Style

An innocent man, taking pictures of his wife's medical office-to-be, is viciously beaten by three San Antonio police officers, and the Police Chief blithely says that, "so far, I haven't seen anything that suggests the officers went too far." Watch this video and judge for yourself:

Innocent Man Freed after 19 Years in Prison

Yet Another Corrupt Conviction - Here a North Carolina man is to be freed 19 years later, after the prosecutors withheld evidence that could have resulted in his acquittal, and let a police officer lie to the jury. And they still want to retry him!  Prosecutors never want to admit they were wrong - even if that means an innocent man remains in prison.

Wrongful Convictions Not Fixed - Innocent Defendants Executed

In 1997, an FBI Lab Tech, Fred Whitehurst, blew the whistle on shoddy work practices. As a consequence, the Justice Department promised extensive review and alteration of the processes that led to misconduct, and wrongful convictions of defendants in numerous cases. Even when the FBI knew their work had been shoddy and the wrong person convicted - in death penalty cases as well - they didn't bother sending timely notifications to the prosecutors in those cases, and never notified defendants' attorneys at all. And, sometimes when they did notify the prosecutors, they ignored it, and never told the defendants' lawyers - even resulting in innocent men being put to death.