Possession of large amounts of contraband substances or even the allegation of their possession can permanently change the life of a person. An individual facing a criminal charge involving the possession of drugs, for example, can face long-term consequences such as prison time and irreversible reputational damage.

As our readers in Oakland County may have heard, a 21-year old man was arrested on Feb. 2 on charges of possession with intent to deliver for both marijuana and cocaine. Reports released by the police department indicated that the defendant had originally been questioned earlier that night in an unrelated unwanted person incident at an apartment block in the city. He was dismissed afterwards when police determined that he was not involved in the incident.

The man, from Tecumseh, was later spotted by officers driving away from the location. The officers stopped him because he had a suspended driver's license. The officers noticed an odor of marijuana and searched the vehicle. The search allegedly resulted in the discovery of four plastic bags containing around 12.6 grams of cocaine as well as 1.9 grams of marijuana. The officers also allegedly discovered $114 in cash and a digital scale. A primary examination for this case is scheduled for Feb. 15, and as of Feb. 6, the defendant was held in jail with a bond of $50,000.

Mere suspicion of intent is not enough to condemn an individual to the penalties of an alleged crime. It is therefore important that those facing criminal charges are fully aware of their legal rights and avenues of defense to ensure that any negative consequences of the charges may potentially be reduced or averted. By seeking legal advice from a criminal defense attorney prior to making any statements, you are best able to preserve those rights and defenses.

Source: lenconnect.com, "Man arrested in Tecumseh on drug charges," David Frownfelder, Feb. 6, 2013