Medical marijuana laws in Michigan are complex. Medical marijuana growers and users can face criminal charges if the applicable laws are not complied with. Because of the serious consequences associated with such charges, people who are facing them must have a solid drug crime defense.

Michigan residents may be interested in a case that involves two medical marijuana growers. The 29-year-old woman and 31-year-old man are charged with two felonies - maintaining a drug house and manufacturing marijuana - that stem from their method of growing medical marijuana. They were allegedly growing the plants in unlocked enclosures, which is a violation of Michigan's medical marijuana laws. The man also has an additional charge because of a previous marijuana conviction in another jurisdiction.

The man and woman are asking the court to dismiss these charges because of destruction of evidence in the case. They claim the former prosecutor ordered the marijuana that was being used as evidence to be destroyed. This matter will go before the judge later in the week.

The prosecuting attorney in this case has also filed a motion. He is asking the court to suppress a subpoena calling the former prosecutor who allegedly ordered the marijuana to be destroyed as a witness for the defense.

Anyone who is facing drug charges should find an attorney that is knowledgeable about the applicable laws so that they can help you to determine the best defense strategy. This is especially true for medical marijuana growers, who must be aware of, and adhere to, a range of additional laws in order to remain in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Source: Morning Sun, "Weidman marijuana growers seek dismissal of charges," Susan Field, Feb. 5, 2013