Prosecution for criminal drug charges can trigger serious consequences and penalties for those accused. Both the state and federal governments can subject those convicted of drug charges to jail sentences, forfeiture of assets and even revocation of professional licenses. One Otsego man is facing multiple drug offenses for reportedly operating methamphetamine labs at his home and office.

On June 13, members of the West Michigan Enforcement Team executed a search warrant of the man's office in downtown Wayland and his home in Otsego. The man works as an attorney. At both locations, law enforcement reportedly found evidence that methamphetamine was being produced.

While the Allegan County prosecutor recused himself from the case, Berrien County will pursue the prosecution of the case. In addition to the Otsego man, two women turned themselves in. One was charged with operating/maintaining a methamphetamine lab, possession of meth, and delivery and manufacture of meth. All three were released on bond pending preliminary examinations.

If the Otsego man is convicted of the drug charges, he may be subject to a prison sentence and revocation of his license to practice law. Even for those individuals who are not professionally licensed, drug convictions can adversely affect future employment opportunities. It is in the best interests for individuals charged with drug offenses to be educated on their rights as defendants throughout criminal proceedings.

Source: The Detroit News, "Police: Meth lab at law office; attorney charged in West Michigan," Nov. 29, 2012