Michigan authorities take drug crimes very seriously -- even small ones. However, when investigators think they have uncovered an extensive and intricate drug ring, those accused of being involved can face severe and life-changing consequences. While many people are quick to assume that people who are arrested in connection with such cases are guilty, it is important to remember that our justice system is founded on the notion that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and everyone deserves a fair trial -- not everyone accused of a crime is guilty.

Recently, Michigan authorities arrested three people they suspect were involved in drug crimes. A news report said the three have been accused of shipping marijuana worth millions of dollars from the West Coast to Michigan. They are facing federal drug charges and are pleading not guilty.

It was reported that the amount of pot allegedly shipped between the two locations was worth $5.5 million. The suspects are believed to have used commercial freight companies to move the drugs. In addition to the three people who were arrested, reports say that others have been indicted in connection with the drug ring.

What is often important about large drug crimes cases like this one is the amount of time that investigators spend looking into people they suspect of being involved. They often look not only at those they believe to be at the center of a situation, but also those who may be connected to them. What is important to know is that a person does not have to wait to be charged before seeking advice. If a person is connected to others who have been arrested for serious drug crimes, or if a person suspects he or she is being investigated, it may be appropriate to seek the help of an experienced defense attorney.

Source: WKZO, "West Michigan marijuana shipping ring busted," Nov. 15, 2012