A doctor in Jackson, Michigan, who was recently convicted of Medicaid fraud may have his medical license suspended or revoked. It is not unusual for healthcare professionals to have their medical credentials reviewed after having criminal charges brought against them.

The state has a vested interest in making sure people entrusted with patient care are trustworthy. However, many times good people find themselves facing long-term consequences more severe than the crime warrants. It is up to the defendant to seek out a criminal defense attorney who can protect the rights of the accused.

The doctor in question pleaded no contest to allegations of fraud. He was accused of receiving money in exchange for referring patients to medical clinics, home healthcare companies and outpatient rehab facilities in Ingham County. It appears the doctor was involved in a kickback scheme with several others in the local medical community. Eight other Jackson County medical professionals had similar felony charges brought against them in federal court.

Despite the conviction, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs reports that the doctor still has a valid license. According to the director of the Michigan Bureau of Health Professions, the bureau will not file a complaint against the doctor until after he has been sentenced in August.

Typically, these types of complaints are settled outside of the courtroom. If the parties are unable to come to an agreement, the case will be presented to an administrative law judge who will make recommendations to the medical board. The board then decides on a course of action.

The director of the bureau believes it is more likely that the doctor's license will only be suspended. If that occurs, he will be eligible for reactivation after six months. Whether his license is suspended or revoked, the mark will still show up on the doctor's record and may cause problems in his professional life down the road. His best course of action in this case is to get an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney who can negotiate on his behalf.

Source: mlive.com, "Jackson doctor convicted of Medicaid fraud could have license suspended or revoked," Danielle Salisbury, July 25, 2012