Detroit, Michigan Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

Money laundering charges often accompany cases involving drug crimes, fraud, white collar crime and public corruption and health care fraud charges. Such a federal investigation can last months if not years while prosecutors amass damaging evidence. In the process, a suspect may have his or her financial transactions monitored, Internet activity tracked, tax returns audited, bank accounts and other assets frozen or seized, Medicare or Medicaid payments withheld, in other words having his or her personal life turned upside down. If a suspect is aware – or even just suspects – that he or she is may be under investigation, contacting a Firm like ours makes it possible to assert his or her legal rights or work with prosecutors to preempt the investigation and redirect it elsewhere.

At the criminal defense law firm of Burdick Law, P.C., we work with private investigators and forensic accountants in defending people accused of money laundering. If you have been charged with money laundering or have been called to testify before a grand jury in a case involving money laundering, or have heard from your bank or other companies you do business with that agents have been asking questions or subpoenaing documents, you should immediately contact us online. Experienced Detroit money laundering defense lawyer James W. Burdick can discuss your charges with you in a confidential consultation and provide you with plans to fight what is otherwise a shadowy force arrayed against you. Remember: Never talk with agents, police or other investigators, or anyone else, about your suspicions or concerns without first contacting Burdick Law, P.C. to learn what your rights are and how to best defend against the government's accusations.


Noted criminal defense attorney James W. Burdick represents clients in money laundering charges in cases involving the following:

Criminal and Civil Forfeiture and Money Laundering Charges

Under state and federal law, the government can seize any property or assets it believes a defendant acquired through illegal activity. They just grab it first (often on flimsy evidence or suspicion) and "asks questions later." Once the government decides to initiate a criminal or civil forfeiture, it can freeze bank accounts and seize assets targeted by the forfeiture proceeding. Since forfeiture is not a part of a criminal charge, nor does it require a conviction, it takes place independently of any criminal trial and is unaffected by the outcome of it. As a result, you can be found not guilty of the charges against you and still lose the civil forfeiture proceeding because the standard of proof in civil matters is substantially lower than in criminal cases. In fact, you can suffer a civil forfeiture action, have your money or other assets seized and forfeited by the government, with no criminal case ever having been filed.

Attorney James W. Burdick works with forensic accountants in challenging the government's forfeiture claims against you. He has experience convincing authorities they have barked up the wrong tree. In some cases, we can preempt a criminal case or civil forfeiture by demanding the court reject the government's grounds for pressing its case in special defensive lawsuits against the government. By demanding that the court review the government's allegations before letting it hold onto your hard-earned assets, we can expose circumstantial evidence and assumptions that are not supported by accounting evidence or tax returns.


If you are facing money laundering charges, or are currently under investigation for a white collar crime, contact money laundering defense attorney James W. Burdick today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case.