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Results-Oriented and Highly Effective: Administrative Complaints, Disciplinary Actions and Licensure Reinstatements

Burdick Law, P.C. has successfully represented all types of healthcare professionals who have been accused of misconduct, substance abuse, fraud and even criminal charges. His clients have included psychologists, podiatrists and chiropractors. If you are a healthcare professional facing an investigation and possible disciplinary actions, now is the time to seek skilled legal representation.

Attorney James W. Burdick has been practicing law for more than 43 years. He will use his more than four decades of experience and inside knowledge of the healthcare industry to help keep your license or get it reinstated. With a nearly 100 percent success rate, he will provide you with every detail and the guidance you need to keep your career on track. In addition to his extensive and incredible amount of experience, he served almost a decade on the Michigan Board of Medicine. When you need an attorney with healthcare discipline issues, you need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of your profession.

Podiatrists, chiropractors and psychologists: contact us for highly effective and results-oriented representation against administrative complaints and even criminal matters.

One of the most common areas of administrative investigations is drug, alcohol and substance abuse issues. James Burdick will take the time to review and evaluate your situation. He will then carefully develop a "self-report" on your behalf, which is comprised of what happened according to you, what you have been doing and are willing to do to mitigate any problems and why reinstatement is appropriate. Particularly in Michigan, the Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP) is utilized in assisting professionals who require substance abuse treatment.

By explaining to the appropriate board any and all details of your exemplary past and how you propose to fix any problems will provide more relief toward coming to a resolution. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid a complaint altogether, or at the very least to get your license reinstated.

Other reasons for disciplinary investigations include allegations of:

  • D.E.A. registration disqualifications and reinstatements
  • Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, Medicare and Medicaid exclusions and reinstatements
  • Illegal Referral, kickbacks and overbilling
  • Prescription fraud - which includes being fooled by expert undercover agents posing as legitimate patients!
  • Poor moral character
  • Fraudulent billings, such as upcoding or billing for unnecessary services
  • DUI and other criminal charges

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