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When you have been charged with a serious crime, the prosecution will do everything it can to convict you. Being convicted of a crime can land you in jail and destroy your chances to have a normal life even after you are released. Internet crime attorney James W. Burdick, has represented clients in high-profile cases. He has received national acclaim for his successes and the tenacity with which he fights for his clients.

If you have been accused of an internet crime such as identity theft, pornography, eavesdropping, fraud, spamming violations, gambling, sports betting, or conspiracy, and if you are worried about the impact this will have on your freedom, future, and reputation, contact Detroit metro area internet crime attorney James W. Burdick today at 248-335-5000. Time is Crucial, Do Not Hesitate to Call

Facing Internet Crimes Charges

Internet crime lawyer James W. Burdick works with clients to educate and defend. Time is of the essence when you have been charged with a crime. The attorneys at Burdick Law, P.C. urge you to contact our office as soon as possible. Internet and Online Crimes

  • Online auction scams, online gambling, online sports betting
  • Money laundering
  • Healthcare fraud - Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Attorney
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud, credit card fraud, banking fraud
  • Embezzlement

Money Laundering and additional Charges in Internet Crimes

Under federal criminal statutes, there are criminal charges related to the criminal use of a "communication facility." It's not uncommon, then, for prosecutors to attach additional charges to a case where a computer is involved in committing a crime. In cases involving money laundering, wire fraud, mail fraud and internet crimes, prosecutors are likely to introduce as many additional charges under these and related federal statutes as they can find to make it hard for a jury to acquit of "everything." Internet crimes involving pornography or the online luring of a minor will also include additional charges for the criminal use of a computer. In healthcare fraud cases, prosecutors may attach additional charges where the internet or a computer was use to transmit claims for adjudication, and often money laundering charges are included whenever there is any, even legitimate, movement of proceeds from the activities. In many ways, the crime of "money laundering" has morphed into charges even when it is just "money spending" activities being investigated.

James W. Burdick - Michigan Identity Theft Attorney

With the growth and accessibility of the internet, more and more individuals are being accused of internet crimes. Do not let your life, your livelihood and your reputation be ruined by these accusations. Internet crime attorney James W. Burdick has appeared as a criminal defense expert on numerous popular television news shows such as Larry King Live, the Today Show, Court TV, and Dateline NBC. He is an author, a lecturer, well-respected, and his advice is constantly sought out by experts, other lawyers, and the media. Put his experience to work for you.

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