Detroit, Michigan Drug Crime Defense Lawyer


Michigan and federal laws both provide for vigorous prosecution of all drug and drug-related offenses, such as possession, importation, cultivation, sales, distribution or trafficking. Criminal penalties related to drug charges have become increasingly severe. These penalties may include:

  • Jail or prison
  • Forfeiture of assets, cash, bank accounts and property
  • Court fines and costs
  • Suspension or even Revocation of professional licenses
  • Probation, parole or supervised release (federal)
  • Mandatory drug counseling
  • Driver's license sanctions
  • Employer notification
  • Mandatory drug screening and testing
  • Loss of scholarships, financial aid for college and even SBA loans

Because so many of the potential (and often likely) sanctions have life-altering consequences, it is critical to immediately consult with a lawyer experienced, successful and respected in representing clients in drug and drug-related charges. Attorney James W. Burdick of Burdick Law, P.C. has the skills, the experience and unparalleled trial results you need to properly and effectively represent your interests. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Detroit area drug crime defense attorney.

We provide representation throughout the United States, the state of Michigan, Detroit and Southeast Michigan, Oakland, Wayne, Livingston, Washtenaw, Lenawee, Ingham, Jackson, Macomb and so many other counties independently evaluating each client's case to determine:

  • Whether there is sufficient evidence to prove the allegations
  • Whether the initial contact with law enforcement was illegal
  • Whether the search of you, your business, your home, or your vehicle was lawful
  • Whether your rights were properly explained and provided to you
  • Whether the police officer found drugs, drug records or other evidence on your person, in your office, your car or your home
  • Whether the drugs were owned by someone else


Asset forfeiture allows the government to grab cars, homes, businesses, and all manner of property the government claims was in any way obtained through, or used to facilitate (or help) illegal drug activity. Asset forfeiture laws were originally designed to punish large-scale drug traffickers and organized criminals who got rich off their crimes. But in the last decade the trend has been to seek to forfeit everything of value any drug defendant owns, to lure drug defendants into committing drug crimes in their homes even when they never had before, and to do everything in the government's power to strip any and all violators -- no matter how big or small -- of everything they own of value. In 2000, $15 million worth of property and cash was forfeited in the state of Michigan alone. The federal government forfeits hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, securities and bank accounts, cars, businesses, homes and everything in between. Here at the Offices of Burdick Law, Burdick Law, P.C., our lawyers assist clients in protecting and recovering cars, homes, businesses and cash that were wrongfully seized by government or state authorities. We have the knowledge and ability to fight the government, returning to you what is rightfully yours. To learn more about asset forfeiture, read an article in a national magazine written by James Burdick.


Time is of the essence in defending your rights. At Burdick Law, P.C. , we work hard to ensure that you receive a fair and just result in your case and those assets rightfully yours are protected or returned. We will do everything in our power to make sure that your rights are protected too and that you are treated fairly, while always working to minimize any negative impact on you. Contact us to put our trial experience and expertise to work defending you.