White Collar Crime (Oakland County Michigan)

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If you are facing fraud or drug conspiracy charges, or if you are currently under investigation for fraud, defense is imperative. Attorney James W. Burdick of Extraordinary Law is a nationally recognized expert in criminal fraud defense. His knowledge and skill can help protect your rights, minimize your sentence or help you get entirely cleared of charges.

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Extraordinary Law serves clients nationwide, as well as in Michigan and most particularly the Tri-County region of Southeast Michigan including Oakland County, Wayne County and Macomb County. We also serve clients in Pontiac, Farmington Hills, Troy, Novi, Royal Oak, Southfield and Commerce.

Under investigation for fraud? You need fraud defense.

Since fraud and other white collar crimes are so complex and difficult to uncover, defendants will often have been under investigation for weeks, months and even years before contacting an attorney.

This is an enormous mistake. If you're under investigation for fraud, contact a fraud defense lawyer right away. The sooner you do so, the better position you'll be in to minimize penalties or become cleared of the charges.

With a national reputation for his legal expertise, attorney James W. Burdick has delivered stunning results for charges such as:

  • Drug conspiracy charges
  • Identity theft
  • Federal white collar crime
  • RICO violations
  • Bank fraud, credit card fraud and mortgage fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Forgery
  • Embezzlement and employee theft
  • Prescription drug fraud

In addition to work with fraud defense, Mr. Burdick also defends clients against charges of violent crimes such as homicide and assault as well as white collar crimes such as racketeering and tax evasion.

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Fraud Charges in Oakland County

Fraud is generally defined as deceiving another individual in order to bring some material gain to your self. In order to prove that fraud has actually taken place, the state has to prove that the defendant knowingly lied with the intent of bringing benefit to his or her self at the expense of the purported victim.

It's often difficult to prove what a defendant "intended" without relying on speculation or pre-conceived assumptions. However, many prosecutors are adept at doing precisely that. A skilled prosecutor can make an innocent defendant look guilty, or can make a guilty defendant's crimes look much worse than they were.

The only way to ward of an unjust sentence is to go to court with an experienced attorney by your side. Fraud defense lawyer James W. Burdick at Extraordinary Law knows every trick in the prosecutor's bag - because he used to be one himself. He knows how to make the most of the evidence and arguments in your favor, and he will focus his time and talent on enforcing your rights under the law.

If you are facing fraud or drug conspiracy charges, only a fraud defense attorney can protect your rights. For an initial consultation at Extraordinary Law, contact the firm online or c all 248-335-5000.