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Macomb County Identity Theft Defense Attorney

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Charges for identity theft are serious and the potential penalties can be very harsh. If you're under investigation, contact an identity theft defense with Extraordinary Law, a nationally recognized law firm serving Macomb County, Michigan. Headed by identity theft defense attorney James W. Burdick, the criminal defense section of Extraordinary Law provides experienced representation that delivers stunning results.

To schedule an initial consultation about identity theft defense, contact Extraordinary Law online or call 248-335-5000.

While our firm can, has and will continue to represent clients nationwide, most of our efforts are focused locally in Southeast Michigan and the Tri County area. This includes Macomb County, Wayne County and Oakland County as well as Mt. Clemens, Warren, Shelby Township, Utica, St. Clair Shores and Sterling Heights.

Identity theft defense is difficult for any attorney - hire one with a reputation!

Because the law surrounding identity theft is so complex, these cases can take many convoluted turns that might bewilder an inexperienced attorney. Identity theft defense lawyer James W. Burdick of Extraordinary Law has decades of experience in criminal defense and is a nationally recognized expert on handling the most complex points of criminal defense. We have an exceptionally high amount of experience handling:

  • Identity theft defense
  • Bank fraud, credit card fraud and mortgage fraud
  • Federal white collar crime
  • Drug conspiracy
  • RICO violations
  • Money laundering
  • Forgery
  • Embezzlement and employee theft
  • Prescription drug fraud

Don't delay - the sooner you hire an identity theft defense lawyer, the better

If you have been charged with bank fraud or identity theft, waste no time: hire an identity theft defense attorney right away. The police and prosecution are likely already gathering evidence against you, and by acting quickly you can help stop their efforts to impose an unfair, overly harsh sentence on you.

The government has a responsibility to prove that you are guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt." In an area of law as complex as identity theft, it's difficult for them to meet that standard. However, even if they lack the necessary evidence to prove your guilt, you may be found guilty and sentenced without the jury ever having been made aware of it.

Only an experienced identity theft defense lawyer knows where to apply pressure to the prosecutor's arguments to expose weakness of the government's case against you.

A former public defender, now providing bank fraud and identity theft defense

Remember, public prosecutors are skilled, talented and experienced at their jobs. James W. Burdick of Extraordinary Law knows this - he used to be one. Skilled prosecutors can make innocent defendants appear to be guilty. They can make guilty defendants appear to have committed far worse crimes than what is actually the case. And they can make a jury believe that the government's case against a defendant is much stronger than it actually is.

With decades of experience in criminal law, Mr. Burdick knows exactly how to anticipate prosecutors' strategies and put up the strongest defense. For an initial consultation, contact Extraordinary Law online or call 248-335-5000.