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Years of education, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars are spent in order to become a physician. A physician/doctor's profession is a noble and skilled one that is both respected and highly revered. When a physician/doctor's license is threatened or they face some other sort of disciplinary action, there is more than just a license at stake. There is a career and lifetime of hard work at stake, not to mention an entire family's security. At Burdick Law, P.C., we understand the seriousness of what you as a doctor are facing, and how to be proactive in finding a solution.

Contact Michigan physician/doctor lawyer James W. Burdick. As a skilled and effective attorney for more than 43 years, he has extensive experience with license reinstatement, administrative and other disciplinary matters in the medical field. Not only did James Burdick serve as a member of the Michigan Board of Medicine for nearly a decade but his success rate is almost 100 percent. When your future is at stake, choose an attorney with a proven track record.

Medical board investigations can be based on a number of allegations - some true, some not - including charges of:

  • Alcohol/substance abuse
  • Patient abuse/patient endangerment
  • Negligence/incompetence
  • Poor moral character
  • Fraud, deceit
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Billing fraud
  • Prescription fraud
  • Alteration of medical records

Three Categories of Osteopath/Medical Doctor Administrative Complaints and Disciplinary Actions

In general, there are three phases for physicians or doctors facing an administrative complaint or disciplinary action. They are as follows:

  • First: At this point a doctor has not likely received anything formally but is aware of a medical board investigation. Attorney James Burdick will act immediately and proactively by creating an individualized "self-report" on your behalf. This self-report explains what happened, what you have done since then to rectify the situation and why disciplinary action is not required.
  • Second: A formal letter has been mailed to the doctor by the medical board investigator. A majority of doctors or physicians discover an administrative complaint or action in this way.
  • Third: The doctor or physician has been served with an administrative complaint, summary and suspension.

Self-reports are extremely beneficial because they help the investigator understand how exemplary the physician is as well as their version of events. Oftentimes a self-report will avoid an administrative complaint altogether or temper feelings of the board prior to bringing a formal complaint.

Under Michigan law, any violation of the Public Health Code - any violation - can result in the following range of disciplines: reprimand, fine, community service, limitation, probation or revocations - often with a combination of several of these. As well, there are several violations which can, under the Code, only be punished by revocation - no other discipline is permitted - such as alteration of medical records (also a five-year felony). So there is a great deal at state of any practitioner, and having an amateur represent you - many of whom claim vast experience - can only result in chaos and pain for you. So, find the best . . . Jim Burdick or one of the very few others in this State with similar experience and expertise.

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