Detroit, Michigan Pharmacy Lawyer

Pharmacy/Pharmacist License on the Line? Let More Than 43 Years of Legal Experience Be Your Guide.

When your pharmacy license is on the line, experience and expertise truly matter when it comes to handling disciplinary and reinstatement matters. Attorney James W. Burdick has more than 43 years of legal experience, including nearly a decade as a member of the Michigan Board of Medicine. He has a thorough and complete understanding of the pharmacy health system and how to help you get your license reinstated or completely avoid disciplinary action altogether.

Attorney James W. Burdick of Burdick Law, P.C., in Bloomfield Hills, is a Michigan pharmacy attorney who has represented pharmacists who have faced all types of disciplinary matters. They include all manner of allegations of healthcare fraud, illegal referral, kickbacks and overbilling, prescription fraud, substance/alcohol or drug abuse, deceit, poor moral character and other charges leading to administrative complaints, disciplinary action and even criminal charges. Due to attorney James Burdick's extensive experience and knowledge regarding pharmacy administrative and disciplinary law, all of his clients who have followed his recommendations and guidelines have either kept their license or were able to get that license reinstated.

Don't take chances with an attorney who only claims to have pharmacy law experience. Get one who truly has it. Contact James W. Burdick to schedule an initial consultation.

A Proactive and Skillfully Crafted Approach for Pharmacy/Pharmacist Clients

While other attorneys may be complacent with simply "representing" you at an administrative hearing, attorney James Burdick places all of his efforts into a skillfully crafted, individualized and proactive approach. He will first meet with you regarding either an administrative complaint or criminal investigation and gather the facts of the situation. Next, he will compile a "self-report" that describes:

  • What occurred from your perspective
  • What steps you have taken (individually and under his guidance) since then
  • Why a discharge or disciplinary action would be unfair, unnecessary or inappropriate

In cases where substance abuse is involved, he will create a specialized and personal rehabilitation plan for you, which usually involves the Michigan Heath Professional Recovery Programs (HPRP) as well as highly-skilled and experienced addiction medicine physicians and therapists - and "in network" with HPARP. This will be included in your self-report, in order to show a licensing board of your willingness toward rehabilitation and sobriety, thus no loss of licensure and a successful petition for reinstatement.

If you either received a letter from the pharmacy board of investigators or were served with an administrative complaint, summary and suspension, seek help immediately. The sooner you are able to seek intelligent and knowledgeable representation, the better your outcome will likely be.

Avoid Disciplinary Action: Contact a Detroit Area Pharmacist Discipline Lawyer

At Burdick Law, P.C., our Michigan pharmacy lawyer regularly represents pharmacies and pharmacists with their administrative complaints and disciplinary issues. Our firm offers disciplinary and reinstatement representation throughout the State of Michigan and the Detroit metropolitan area. Contact Detroit area pharmacist discipline lawyer James W. Burdick at 248-335-5000. We have the reputation, familiarity and comprehensive experience and expertise needed to help you defend yourself.