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James W. Burdick was a member of the Michigan Board of Medicine for almost a decade and understands the healthcare system inside and out. By law, medical, dental, pharmaceutical and other health professional boards are required to investigate every public or private allegation made against a health professional. Apart from "standard of care" investigations, one of the most common subjects of investigation for medical doctors and other healthcare providers is substance abuse. Another very common area includes complaints of healthcare fraud, including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and other private insurance companies that the professional has been engaged in overbillings or overutilization.


Michigan and Detroit-area accusations of healthcare licensing, Blue Cross and other insurance company audits and allegations are one reason these professionals (and their civil lawyers) always seek out attorney James W. Burdick. He knows the difference between a simple billing error and healthcare fraud.

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Attorney James W. Burdick of Burdick Law, P.C., in Bloomfield Hills, is a Detroit healthcare fraud defense attorney who has successfully represented physicians, podiatrists, nurses, dentists and pharmacists accused of fraud, billing blunders or substance abuse problems in the state of Michigan and the Detroit metropolitan area. Thanks to Mr. Burdick's keen and experienced representation, virtually every single one of these healthcare providers has either kept their licenses or successfully obtained reinstatement though James W. Burdick's efforts.

He skillfully crafts individualized personal rehabilitation programs for addicted healthcare providers, first to help the client through his or her crises and then to be able to convince licensing boards of their remorse, contrition and sobriety, resulting in no loss of license and a successful petition for re-licensing. He has successfully defended pharmacies falsely accused by overly zealous insurance companies of inventory errors, of selling free "sample" medication and billing it as though it had been purchased from a pharmaceutical company.


James W. Burdick has achieved nearly 100 percent success in obtaining license reinstatements for all manner of healthcare violations, even with clients who have had multiple disciplines or multiple criminal convictions. He has even succeeded in winning license reinstatements for clients while they are still in federal prison. He has been extraordinarily successful representing clients in regard to the following:

With ever tightening health care budgets come ever more intrusive regulatory investigations; the pursuit of healthcare fraud and abuse has also heightened, since claims of abuse are more widespread than ever, but the innocent are too often swept up by that tide of eager prosecution. Almost any practitioner who engages in treatment and billing activities could be challenged by regulators, no matter how hard the practitioner works to be honest. If an eager investigator puts the "right" spin on the conduct observed by the investigator, charges and accusations can always follow. Too often it becomes a question of who is looking and how aggressive they are, not whether someone is actually trying to cheat the system or violate the law. The United States Department of Justice has expanded its Special Medicare Fraud Task Forces across the country, and far more marginal blunders and billing errors are now called "fraud" than ever before.

Federal, state, and private payer insurance companies have similarly grown way increasingly more aggressive in pursuing what is found to be the most minor transgressions — things that always used to be merely civil (financial) issues have now been reclassified as criminal. Thus, far more healthcare providers who are seen to have come "close to the line" in treatment decisions and billings are pursued very aggressively. While some may be cutting corners, most are entirely honest and diligent. Remember, whether something is viewed as a "mistake" or versus a "crime" is too often based on subjective analysis by over-eager investigators and cost-cutting bean counters. As healthcare payers push harder to uncover improprieties, healthcare fraud attorneys also need to become more aggressive than most are in defense of their clients, especially those whose conduct was born out of little more than mistake. Federal criminal defense lawyer Jim Burdick brings just the right blend of aggressive skills and experience, with practical expertise, to give healthcare practitioners the greatest likelihood of success in defending these charges.


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