Over-Prescribing of Prescription Drugs in Michigan

In an effort to combat healthcare fraud, state and federal prosecutors have increased criminal prosecutions of doctors involving the over prescribing of drugs. While most cases involve the prescription of opiates and powerful pain medication like Oxycontin, investigators have also pursued cases involving what they say is excessive infusion drug therapies. Allegations typically claim the drugs prescribed exceeded a patient's need, resulting in a violation under federal statutes like 21 U.S.C. 841. These charges unfairly put the practitioner in the same "class" as heroin or cocaine dealers.

If you've been arrested, interviewed by a federal agent or even just fear you are being investigated for over prescribing drugs, contact healthcare fraud attorney James W. Burdick today. Schedule an appointment and discuss your case in a confidential consultation.

At Burdick Law, P.C., healthcare fraud defense lawyer James W. Burdick works with medical experts, pharmacists and other professionals in critically investigating and evaluating charges of overprescribing drugs involving doctors, dentists and psychiatrists. We carefully review the actions of investigators, exposing incorrect assumptions and inaccurate circumstantial evidence that lacks the relevance needed to justify criminal charges. We work with opiate guidelines that have been established by highly regarded medical associations, and even state governments, to demonstrate that what the government might claim to be a drug dealing is instead lawfully aggressive use of opiates to treat intractable pain from illness or injury.


Over-prescribing is a Big Problem, but sometimes it's not done for bad reasons, just poor choices. Those physicians are lumped into the same category by the government as people intentionally over-prescribing for financial gain. Healthcare fraud attorney James W. Burdick counsels and defends doctors and pharmacists accused in drug over-utilization cases involving the following:

  • Oxycontin, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone
  • Morphine
  • Demerol
  • Ativan and other benzodiazepines
  • Barbiturates
  • Codeine
  • Vicodin
  • Anabolic steroids


A mistake people sometimes make when they learn they're under investigation is the removal or withholding of information and documents. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that if they remove or hide documents from investigators, the agents will drop an investigation or look elsewhere. First, that never stops diligent federal agents and, second, doing so constitutes a whole separate and sometimes worse crime – obstruction of justice – which can result in additional and very serious criminal charges. And sometimes subjects of investigations who feel they have "nothing to hide" make the mistake of talking to investigators without an attorney present, not realizing that the agents notes reflect not the exact words spoken, but the agents' own sense of what was actually said – in other words, the agents' interpretation is all that is in those reports, and the reports still are "Gospel" to jurors. This is one reason why agencies like the FBI never tape record interviews – so the agent can be the one and only "believable" witness at trial of what he was "told" by the defendant. Don't talk with them!

This can also often result in the completely subjective accusation of confession and claims of perjury if you later testify (under 18 U.S.C. 1621) of "lying" to federal agents (under 18 U.S.C. 1001). If you've been contacted by investigators, call James W. Burdick immediately to protect yourself and ensure you cooperate properly with investigators. He can evaluate your case and your requirements, contact the government for you and ensure you do all you are required by law to do without incriminating yourself.


If James W. Burdick is brought into the early stages of an investigation, it may be possible to convince investigators or the federal prosecutors that they just don't have a case. You should never talk with criminal (or even regulatory) investigators without him guiding you, making sure your words are not misunderstood, misquoted or twisted against you, and keeping you from making your problems even worse. Contact healthcare fraud attorney James W. Burdick today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.